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Feb 05, 2019 10:45:06

Organizing physical spaces

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Haider Al-Mosawi

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My home office is an ungodly mess, and I often find myself torn between the need to organize my stuff and not giving the mess too much attention, so I can focus on the most pressing tasks I'm dealing with.

It's important to acknowledge the role mess plays in our lives, while also accepting a degree of mess until we come round to tidying it up. When I become too fixated on the mess I give it more attention than it needs and more power to distract me.

Having said that, I've decided to dedicate chunks of time in the days to come for organizing my office and physical spaces, while being mindful of important tasks to complete every day. 

For me, it's important to:

1- Organize based on activity (what do I want to do in each space, and how does the design of the space and the available "things" in that space support these activities)

2- Organize based on emotion (this I learned from Marie Kondo's tidying method. "Does this spark joy?" is a powerful question to ask ourselves, and we also need to ensure we're not clinging to items that cause negative emotions, such as guilt, regret, apprehension, etc. Thank the item)

3- Organize based on convenience (items used more frequently should be more accessible. Items used in sequence should be arranged in sequence)

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