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May 18, 2019 08:15:41


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We don't really want to organize. Help me put my finger on it.

Fraternity guys, they want to organize. They need to pool their resources to have a big house they can party in. Clear goal. Easy to organize. Purposeful.

But why don't the antelope team up and attack the lions -- especially after an attack on their young ones? Too risky? ( definitely )

So, we don't want to put anything more at risk?

I'm really typing here to try and understand the elements at play. I'm thinking here.

Potluck: Simple instructions. Use the beginning letter of your last name to determine whether to bring an appetizer, main, salad, or dessert. It still requires some overarching logistical planning -- plates and cups and drinks and ice ... so somebody has to take on the behavior of leader / communicator. 

Responsibility: People don't want to be take on the responsibility. They want to enjoy the event, not be running around picking up garbage, fielding noise complaints from the neighbors, or helping the parents of the kid who ate 7 doughnuts. There are certain types of personalities that will do this, but it's exhausting and they rarely get compensated fairly.

Is @baz a good example of this. Sure, he has some incentives to make 200wordsaday for us, but is he getting compensated fairly? Wouldn't I buy him a $2 coffee each week if I had to? That's $100 / year, which seems like a lot when you say $100 -- but, it's $0.30. He's providing the structure that's helping you write - become better - yoga your brain.

Let's Organize!

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