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Feb 22, 2019 21:12:34

Organic milk & vegetable

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Do you know what exactly means "organic" milk and vegetable? Do you buy it since it sounds nicer and healthier in spite of more expensive prices? No, we did not. So I started to search basic things. 

According to USDA,  "organic" is certified by USDA agent and in general, means no use of agrichemicals, checmical fertilizer, or not genetically-modified. 

Organic Milk

  • heated higher temperature (Organic 280 F vs Regular165 F) resulting in a longer shelf life
  • No statistical evidence to support that organic one is more nutritious 
  • Growth hormone and antibiotics should not be used for organic milk

Organic Vegetable

  • Not use synthetic pesticides
  • not genetically modified
  • no irradiation or ionizing radiation

Overall, it seems to be difficult to determin if organic is 100% good or regular way is 100% bad. We still lack the hollistic research in a long run. Some people also seems to be skeptical about organic foods and regards them as a new marketing tool. 

Globally, organic farmers and lands are increasing. Australia has the lasrgest lands for organic food. India is the top country as organic producers. US has the largest organic market in the world. 



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