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May 04, 2019 14:56:44

Open Source

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Keenen Charles

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I've benefited a lot from the open source community in my life. So many useful pieces of software are made freely available and I've never hesitated to make use of it. From tutorials to libraries and entire sample applications, there's so much valuable code publicly available it's hard to believe.

A couple of years ago I wrote my first open source library. A wrapper around the Unsplash API for Android apps. My main goal was to have something on my Github page to show while applying for jobs. But I also wanted to use it in my own projects. It's gotten a few users since then and I've always been amazed to see when someone uses it in their app.

But it's also made me regretful at times. The number of emails, questions, and issues I've gotten from others has sometimes irked me. Many just asking simple questions I shouldn't have to answer. But I still do because I remember when I might have asked those questions. Still, it's a chore to deal with and I haven't been as responsive as I'd wish to be.

It's made me more appreciative of those who dedicate hours daily to open source projects that we all rely on. Especially those projects that aren't big enough to have any donations or sponsors but are still used by many. They deal with it all with no tangible rewards in sight. In some ways, open source represents the best qualities of humanity. Collaboration and sharing for the benefit of others. It's beautiful when you think about it.

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