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Jun 25, 2019 21:35:46

One more day

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Janne Koponen

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Our spaceship starts finally be in shape. Sure, there is still a lot of extra stuff lying around everywhere, but most of the things start to be where they are supposed to be. All systems have been installed and tested. 

Only some minor adjustments and finishing touches are needed. And that's pretty much what we have time for before the first players arrive. After that, there isn't much we can do anymore. We just need to be happy with what we got. But luckily that is quite much. I'm sure the players will be awestruck when they see what we have built for them.

After that, it's luckily getting a bit easier. No need to worry about getting everything ready in time. Just need to hope everything works and nothing broke down along the way. And making sure the game proceeds as planned. Triggering events every now and then as planned, or by demand if the situation starts to seem like it needs more action.

After all the games, in a bit over two weeks it will be a sad day when we need to start tearing down everything we have built. But in a sense it will also be a relief: it's all finally done.

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