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Mar 20, 2019 21:52:52

on the trade show

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Tomorrow is starting a trade show. Our company is gonna have there a stand. It's a big event about everything that comes to houses and so. It will be until Sunday. Yes, I am really looking forward to the working weekend hehe. 

Actually, I don't care to be there on the weekend cuz I know about it already for a long time so my mind can prepare for that but the worst thing is to pack everything on Sunday night and finish late. 4 days of exhausting work is ending with the nightmare haha. 

I can never be ready for that. On Sunday you are looking forward to your bed but you know that you cannot enjoy and take a long rest cuz next day you must wake up to work again. Omg, I hate it haha. 

Maybe if I write about it now it is not gonna be that bad. I wish. 

You move to the trade show all the stuff and you know that in 4 days you must take everything back to our showroom. Hopefully, we will sell a big amount of it.

OK, no more cries. Tomorrow is a day one. Wish me luck. 


Stay with me. Efran.

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