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Mar 11, 2019 06:57:17

On surrounding yourself

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It's 6:40am "and that is time" says Sebastian, over my headphones.

He's one of 15 faces on the screen to my left.

I'm in an Ultraworking Work Gym session. We're doing 30 minute blocks of work with 10 minute breaks in between together.

This is my way of getting my brain into gear on a Monday morning.

It's one of the ways I make sure I'm surrounded by people.

I make sure I have time around people who:

  1. are trying to get better at something I'm also trying to get better at
  2. are much better than me at something I'm trying to get better at
  3. are passionately interested in something adjacent to my area of expertise
  4. have similar values as me but operate completely differently to me

The Work Gym is a combination of 1 and 2. We're all trying to get better at working and there are varying levels of better.

I'm moving into Arc today. It's a hardware incubator. I'm more of a storyteller / project manager. Because of our adjacent areas, we'll expand one another.

I have good friends who operate completely differently to me. We would be at odds in everything except that we have similar values and common language. Where we clash and talk through it, we stretch each other.

I love my solitude and I indulge in it. But I need my belonging too.

Much love to those who surround me.

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