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Apr 19, 2019 07:58:55

On someday

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Rosie Odsey

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I think that I should like to look put together.

I don't even know what that means.

My uniform of leggings, skirts, and t-shirts has served me well.

My 3 dresses are lovely.

But I feel as if I should like to care about the small details enough to "put together" an outfit.

This is the funny thing about whims: without a next step, they remain nagging at us for days, months, even years.

And so, I shall put this off until I am a better size, until I can justify a stylist, until I find the time to read "The Curated Closet" which has sat on my Kindle for weeks.

And so it happens with many many whims.

And that's ok.

It will be gratifying when it gets there.

Right now, it is crowded out of my life by the many good things that I'm doing - the things I chose and the things that light me up.

Today, I move forward on an online course with a friend of mine. Today, I workshop a marketing campaign with another friend of mine. Today, like every other day, I write my 200 words and meditate and sleep enough and eat 3 meals and read my book.

Someday is a good time for the other things.

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