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Jan 28, 2019 11:24:08

On Snow Days

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Jimmy Cerone

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Snow is once again swirling outside my window. Today it's a reminder that the natural world still touches our artificial one. In fact, it wakes us up to the fact that there is no difference between our created world and the "natural" one. Even with our heated buildings and paved walkways and snow bulldozers, snow falling like rain stops us in our tracks. Snow and us and the "great outdoors" are still connected, no matter how much we try to forget that fact in our black mirrors.

Earlier this week I wrote that perhaps snow is rain offering itself as a sacrifice to save us from the cold, to redeem the cold. I wonder if maybe the sacrificial nature of snow is real in a different way. Today the skies sacrificed all their snow to give us a day off (an anthropomorphic way of looking at things, yes). And not just a day off - a day where we can't work, can't travel. We are limited by reality, forcefully, visibly. Maybe these real limitations, as opposed to the fake "freedom" offered by our devices, will awake us to a reality that's been here the whole time. A reality we ignore and hope goes away, yet a reality that is here to heal us, to teach us.

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