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Mar 14, 2019 08:26:33

On signals and shortcutting their meaning

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Rosie Odsey

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Perfectionism is a better sign of anxiety than it is of standards. It's a feeling, not a standard. If you ask someone who is having a perfectionism spin out, what would look good enough, they may not be able to describe it or it will be a description that falls outside of the realms of the possible.

Rushing towards the next thing even while you're in this moment is a better sign of anxiety than it is of preparedness. Rushing is a feeling, a state, a way, not an action.

Anger towards you is a better sign of their fear than it is of your failings.

Busyness is a better sign of overwhelm than it is of capacity.

Peckishness is a better sign of boredom than it is of hunger.

Grade point average is a better sign of rule-following than it is of intelligence.

There are plenty of signals that we created a shortcut meaning for long ago and never questioned.

Sometimes it might be useful to interrogate our meanings rather than taking them as givens.

Better to question them now than to have them laid bare by reality when you cling to them too hard. According to a friend.

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    @rosieodsey - :) I am officially following you now. Love all your writings and topics.
    Keep writing.

    Keni avatar Keni | Mar 13, 2019 19:03:32
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