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Apr 15, 2019 06:30:08

On setting the table

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I know it's going to be busy over the next few weeks/months.

Here is how I'm setting the table for a full plate.


I'm setting up a pin board so that I can stay on top of the 8 accountabilities I have.

The board has to be ordered somehow. As much as I wish I could take an Eisenhower to it, I'll have to just keep a straight hierarchy. I'll be ok with that.

I'll have cards up with the current work so that I can see progress visually.


Daily, I'll review my promises to each of the accountabilities.

I'll stay in contact and keep their expectations up to date.


I have the following contingencies in place:

  • If I need a day off, I'll anyone who has been promised something that day or the following day. Then I'll go all in with a day off.
  • If something urgent is presented to me, before I start working on it, I will review the rest of the day to see what will be traded for that task. I will weigh up the cost before starting.
  • If I am feeling under a lot of pressure, I give myself permission to
    • cancel any non-essential meetings
    • trade off gym or dance for a 10 minute walk
    • work from a cafe


I'll put together a list of potential download buddies and schedule calls across the next few weeks.

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