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Jan 29, 2019 01:33:51

On Marriage and Having Kids

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Being 23 years old, I think about how I only have a few years left to enjoy my bachelorette days. I know that by age 28, I'd like to settle down already. 

There are those however who do not want to get married or have kids. Most attribute this to the growing me-first society. Some even say, that they'd rather have dogs and cats than humans, because humans are messy and they do not need anyone to be happy or complete their lives.

Well, people are free to do what they please to do and make decisions on whether they want to have a lifetime partner/kids or not. However, if a large number of people decided not to reproduce, what would happen to the human race? We'd dwindle down. The worst case scenario is we'd go extinct. 

This is not to say that the purpose of life is only to reproduce; however, it's definitely one of our main roles.

Some people provide reasons as ridiculous as "men are useless" and "women only want money" so they'd rather be alone.

It's already a flaw in our logic to generalize men or women  as all bad based on our  previous negative experiences. 

Moreover, when it comes to not wanting kids, some people say that kids are noisy and a big headache to bear, so they'd rather have cats or dogs.

Personally, I reckon that people who say this do not want real adult responsibilities. Yet, life is not all about having it all easy all the time. 

What about you? Do you want to settle down one day? Do you want kids? Why or why not?

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    @yaki having kids is one of those things that can dramatically change your life. It forces you to be an adult and to accept the responsibility. Many people now are resentful over dealing with hardship or inconveniences, because we are told this is not what life is about, while forgetting that life is going to throw all kinds of challenges at us whether we like it or not.

    Gabriel Greco avatar Gabriel Greco | Jan 29, 2019 08:21:28
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      @gabrielgreco I love what you said! That couldn't get more real. The new society seems to be making us weak, because yes, we're told that life is not supposed to be this hard. Looks like people only want mini-responsibility.

      Yaki avatar Yaki | Feb 01, 2019 12:02:47
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