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Apr 25, 2019 07:51:34

On gatherings

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Rosie Odsey

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I'm not sure that I know how to be a great participant in a group situation.

I could listen more.

I could ask more questions.

I could spend time with the quieter people, especially the ones I think are unapproachable or don't like me (I've found that this is rarely the case).

I could find ways to talk to people I don't know and make them feel welcome.

Everyone has their defaults. When I'm uncertain about my place in a group, I tend towards being loud or leading the conversation. The loud people are rarely more confident or less socially anxious than the quiet people, they just have a different default.

Last night, I had a great time. I just don't know if all of the others did. And that's something that matters to me.

Because however I act contributes to their evening, whether by intention, omission, or as a byproduct.

Especially when someone else is hosting, I so badly want them to have a great time. Gathering people takes an insane amount of effort, mostly emotional. Choosing a time and a place is bad enough, wondering if people will attend, not knowing when is the best time, hoping not to offend people if you pick a time that they can't go.

Ah, well. Next time.

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    @rosieodsey I'm usually the quiet one in the corner preferring a 1-1 interaction. Group social gatherings are an area in which I can certainly improve.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Apr 24, 2019 15:43:23
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