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Jan 27, 2019 09:44:19

On Faith and Trust

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Jimmy Cerone

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Trust and faith are different, I believe. I think faith comes before trust, before proof of trustworthiness. Once your faith has been "proven" through actions, you can trust. But trust is based on actions.

To name an explicit example, imagine, for a moment, that you are stranded on the highway in a snowstorm and you call AAA. It's your first time calling AAA and you have no background to predict when or if they will come, but you have faith they will. If they do end up coming, trust begins to grow. If something like this happens again, you trust that AAA will come through, because you now have evidence for your faith.

To simplify, then, faith is trust before evidence and trust is faith after evidence.

Faith, though, is not irrational. Keeping with the AAA example, you can go online and read reviews and have some reasons for your faith, which are not evidence (because they did not happen directly to you), but are still trustworthy and logical.

Trust then, seems a very personal thing. I feel we can only trust through personal experience and therefore any trust is an intimate thing we must be careful with and mindful of.

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    @jimmycerone very wise, jimbo. do you think that there can be trust in a higher power (I think of people telling me to "trust in God")? Since there is no verifiable evidence for this God, isn't it then impossible to have trust in God? Is this all just semantics?

    Isaac Nelson avatar Isaac Nelson | Jan 29, 2019 18:37:21
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      @isaacnelson Damn haha that's a good point to bring up. It was actually someone who asked a question much like that which led me to write this post. If I'm honest, I'm not sure. I've had some times where "God" seemed to come through when I asked him to and so I guess that's part of why I trust. It's like at first it was faith and now because I think I've seen some "evidence" (which is more personal experience than quantifiable proof) I trust.

      Jimmy Cerone avatar Jimmy Cerone | Jan 30, 2019 13:43:39
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