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Jan 11, 2019 19:00:33

On exclusive relationships

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Victoria Maung

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I'm beginning to wonder whether or not most relationships are actually dysfunctional.

Strong relationships include honest and open communication with each others' mutual interests in mind without criticism or blame. These functional relationships are also those where no one puts aside their feeling or interests completely, and instead, both parties negotiate towards mutual satisfaction. 

But there are points in time where things can seem a little iffy. Though jokingly, we hear of happy wife, happy life, but it implies an imbalance of feelings and interests in the favor of one party at the expense of the other. Or maybe some relationships might seem transactional, where one person is dependent on his or her partner to make up for their deficiencies, whether it's about the resources and money or the whole psychology of a mother or father complex. 

Under stress, it's easy to lash out unintentionally, but as a spillover of crimes past. There's no doubt that relationships are challenging and require constant negotiation. And just as some people are averse to certain type of work, some might be averse to putting work into relationships. It might just be an easy shortcut to enter and thrive in a relationship that is imbalanced and live with that tension for a lifetime. Which is why I wonder how many relationships in the world are presently functioning dysfunctionally. 

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