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Jun 07, 2019 09:38:59

On Editing

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Jimmy Cerone

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I'm fresh out of ideas and avoiding editing old pieces today. Editing and I have wrestled quite a bit over the years and I've usually won (meaning I decide not to edit and not release work).


In our rather small backyard, we have a micro garden with little kale (that's getting demolished by rabbits), a mostly dead tree, and half of a picnic table. Our half picnic table, seeing as it isn't very useful, has become the unofficial holder of random. Perched on its surface is a pot of stolen soil, many emptyish seed wrappers, and more recently a hodge podge of tools.

You see I decided it was time to fix up our picnic table by adding a second bench seat. I wanted to take it from the rather useless half table and make it into a backyard gathering space. Parallel to my building project is an editing project. I've been writing again and I consider many of my pieces half done. They just need a couple upgrades and they can be the released into the wild. For right now, these pieces are just a bit too wild for me to handle, a bit too broken. Like the picnic table, they are not ready for public use. Unlike my writing, I actually did something to remedy the picnic table situation.

Early yesterday (10 am is still early right?) a friend and I right away got lost on the hunt for her dad's drill. We spent some entertaining time learning more about Holland on accident and set the tone for the day. It was a confusing, wonderful mess. After we finally found her dad's drill, we set off for home and got ready for Menard's and wood and bolts and things. I took some subpar measurements (measuring tape is not the best for diameters...) and we popped over to Menard's for our supplies.

As a side note, Menard's is a freaking wonderland. My dad is not a handy man so I never knew the glories of siding and fencing and the smell of treated wood which now fills my car. You can build so many things and the endless possibilities leave me spellbound (so do the prices).

We eventually got our supplies and my friend successfully dragged me out of that beautiful place that is Menard's. On returning home we ran into a couple speed bumps. First, we could get the drill bit into the drill. A half hour and a phone call to the legend that is my friend's dad, we had the bit in the drill. Sadly, our bit was too small for our bolts so we had to widen our holes out and hope for the best. By now it was early afternoon and we had to pause for real life work things. My friend left me with a drill and bolts and nuts and a good luck.

Upon returning from the adultish world of work, I pounded one of our bolts through our Jerry-rigged holes only to find out that the bolt didn't fit into the picnic table holes. Blast it.

A trip to Menard's followed (they even gave me a return on an opened bag of bolts!) and I came back with 1/4" bolts and nuts, which I guessed would fit (measuring needs to become more of a habit). Thankfully, after some persuasion, all the bolts and nuts went on and I sat down on my newly completed bench.

Which promptly tipped over and almost threw me off. Fix one and find another... I looked down to see that the picnic table legs were half eaten away with rust and thus rotated freely. I have no idea how to fix that shit so for now we've got half a picnic table that looks like a whole one.

What does this mean for the editing process? Well it's random and you get it wrong half the time and by the time you fix everything you realize there was a glaring error behind it all. One of my Professor's said editing is a process of discovery and I guess sometimes you discover mistakes...

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