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Mar 27, 2019 07:10:47

On changing - Part 1: Health and Relationships

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Rosie Odsey

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At some points of my life, I was so fixated on being me that I refused to change.

Now, I am so fixated on being me that I am compelled to.

Here are some of the things that I am changing.


I'm making my time in bed consistent by continuing with a hard bedtime (10pm) and setting a hard wake time (6:30am). I was able to wake earlier but I would need a sleep in or an early night. I feel like my body prefers consistency so I'm giving it.

I'm exercising 4-6 times per week for 1-3 hours per session. I found my thing. It's dance. I do a combination of choreography classes, HIIT classes, dance cardio classes, and dance bootcamps.

I'm moving back to eating the best fuel for my body and my brain likes it. For me that's almost zero sugar and low carb.


I'm working on being a great partner. Daily, I reflect on our interactions by typing them up, sometimes nicely, sometimes in bullet points. We're reading The Course of Love concurrently. We talk about things.

I'm working on being a great friend. For much of my adult life, I was terrible at this. The onus was with my friends to stay in touch with me. It's my turn to be the one who stays in touch and reaches out.

I'm working on being a great sister. That starts with being merely an average sister. One brother has started coming to dance so well be seeing each other more regularly. I've set up fortnightly calls with the other brother.

I'm working on being a great daughter. I don't know that I'm nowhere close to this but I think about it daily. There aren't many models for what being a great daughter looks like once you become an adult.

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    @rosieodsey - How did I miss this one? Beautiful. We have a lot in common.

    - I am trying to sleep by 10 pm and wake up at 6 am
    - I am doing keto/carnivore diet
    - I love music and dancing - (see post here https://200wordsaday.com/words/hard-pass-58965c4df02347783)
    - I have a Caribbean dance class I attend a couple of times a week.

    I have been terrible at being a friend cause I need a one on one interactive meeting to keep a relationship solid. https://200wordsaday.com/words/just-the-two-of-us-58275c4d2fd0855bc Working on it as well.

    I am getting better at being a better sister and daughter. (See - https://200wordsaday.com/words/that-s-my-sister-53805c488096f37cd)
    I set up a lunch date at a brand new restaurant with siblings and parents every other Friday for over a year now.

    I see we have similar goals.. please keep writing and updating us on your goals achieved and insights alone the way.

    Keni avatar Keni | Mar 28, 2019 19:20:41
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      @keni Thank you for sharing these. I will definitely keep writing.

      Rosie Odsey avatar Rosie Odsey | Mar 30, 2019 07:03:25
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