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Feb 08, 2019 23:32:58

old habits

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Swizec Teller

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I can't think of what I learned yesterday so here's something else instead. #200wordsTIL

Remember when I bragged that when I build a habit I fucking build a habit?



Here's how static my life's become 👇

Programming: 22 years

Writing: 18 years

Blog: 13 years

Workout 3x+/week: 12 years

JavaScript: 11 years

Business: 10 years

🥊: 9 years

🏃‍♂️: 6 years

Girlfriend: 5y

React: 4y

San Francisco: 4y

Bird: 4y

🏍: 0.3y


No wonder I had like a small mid-life crisis when I turned 31 and bought a motorcycle. I've been doing all this shit for years, _decades_ even. I'm like an old man!



I love that there's so many things I love doing that I just keep doing them for ever and ever. Many others (sketching, digital painting, webcomics, longboarding) have fallen by the wayside.

But damn son ...


Here I am at 31 living that 9 year old Swizec's dream. A professional programmer AND a professional writer.

I may not have a Turing Award and never will and I might not be writing novels ... I'm def nowhere near a Nobel prize, but people read my stuff and use my code. 💪


9 year old Swizec was nothing if not ambitious ...


Should I be trusting my career choices to 9 year old Swizec though? 🤔

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