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Feb 03, 2019 03:03:48

Old friends

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Victoria Maung

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Today I had a conversation with an old college friend about life, relationships, and family. Being cooped up doing work all day, it was a nice change of pace.

My friends and I are rather fortunate to have the privilege of being mobile. We talked about our future plans and dreams in the context of how we were going to manage that all the while being with a significant other. 

Life feels ethereal whenever I lay out the next decades of my life. It really is a remarkable privilege to be able to transcend distance to imagine yourself geographically anywhere.

Maybe this is as good as it's going to get for a long time. Sometimes I like to imagine that present-day life offers that greatest accessibility to hedonistic pleasures (barring financial constraints, of course). That doesn't translate into yolo to me as much as it compels me to act socially responsible to preserve as much of this goodness as I can for prosperity.

It's a strong mood, but without strong faith in foresight or collective action, I can imagine that it's difficult to be the change that you need to be. I hope I can reconcile this mood to my actions one day.

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