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May 08, 2019 21:03:29

Ocho de Mayo?

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Jeff Riddall

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Today at the office we celebrated Ocho de Mayo, in lieu of the more popular Cinco de Mayo, which this year fell on a non-working Sunday. Everyone was tasked with bringing in a Mexican-themed dish or two. My contribution to today's festivities included:

  • a couple of plastic Fiesta signs shaped like green-stemmed, red hot peppers.
  • a couple of strings of similarly shaped red hot pepper lights (only half of which work, so they are draped over a couple of walls unplugged.)
  • my famed pink, white and gold luchador mask, for decoration purposes only today. Unless someone decides to get up in my business. All bets are off if SΓ©nor Rawhead shows up.
  • a pink, blue, green, red and yellow striped Mexican serape to be used as a wee table cloth.
  • my multi-colour, sugar skull adorned, low cut, Converse All Star sneakers.
  • some very brightly coloured, albeit not necessarily Mexican socks.
  • a button down t-shirt covered in cacti, also not of Mexican origin, but certainly appropriate for such occasions.
  • a bowl of Rawhead's Famous Garlicky Guacamole. Lovingly prepared last night by yours truly. 
  • a bowl of Rawhead's Equally Famous Muy Bueno Salsa. Also concocted and covered to "cook" in the fridge with the guac last night.
  • a Cinco de Mayo Fiesta playlist on Spotify.

Other delicious donated foodstuffs included nachos, chicken burritos, chimichangas, bean dip, avocado salad, street corn salad and chocolate tipped churros for dessert. We may have even snuck is a few tall cans of Dos Equis for those who were so inclined to enjoy a midday adult beverage. Suffice it to say, there was enough food to feed a small Mexican army. It was a small and belated, but genuinely appreciated celebration of my adopted heritage. Felicidados again mi amigos y amigas.

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    @Rawhead You had me at Garlicky Guacamole and Muy Bueno Salsa.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | May 08, 2019 19:17:21
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