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The notification on my laptop slide in to view, unveiling a message from one of my best friends of nearly 15 years, a notice that a room was opening up in her apartment in San Francisco, where I had stayed for roughly 4 weeks a few months prior, my first pit stop in the wake of leaving Los Angeles, where I had made friends with the other house mates and had begun solidifying my SF community, and a mention that it would be ready in about 6 weeks - she knew I was trying to find a place to land so she wondered: was I interested, would it make sense? 

The notification came about an hour after, this time an email - with an Re: preceding the subject - I tried to decipher the communique from the small notification window, but the sender was unknown and the subject was a blunt cold open I had been using for job applications and inquiries, so I curiously switched my focus to reading the email, from Lyudmila at the Stanford Graduate School of Education, who was appreciating my application, apologetic for the delayed response (a cool 8 weeks after I had sent it) and wondering if I could be available for a phone interview tomorrow (Wednesday) at 11am PST? 

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