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Mar 23, 2019 19:00:08

Not as you saw it on T.V. by @miguelurdaneta

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Jan 06, 2019 00:52:51 @miguelurdaneta

"Lame, but is better to keep it honest"

I started meditating not only because I'm a Southamerican guy trying to emulate the habits of succeful corporate people in Silicon Valley (although that might have played a part. Lame, but is better to keep it honest); the aim, really, is to improve concentration through the practice, and maybe to ease the turnmoil inside while in the early stages of abstinence from addicitions, the results have been surprisingly gratifying and nothing like I expected.

Being raised on a TV diet and using it as a comfortable companion on during the times I'd rather be dead had the fallout effect of making me conceptualize future scenarios in a made for the screen way. So, I was expecting a sherlockian increase in my mental habilities, which of course didn't happen, what I got instead is a rewarding peace that comes from inhabiting fully a present in which you rather not be involved in, paradoxically this makes it more tolerable, beautiful, and cinematic even, like the way you appreciate an independent movie if you're into it: the shadows and lighting have a beauty of its own that enriches the narrative of our story, the texture of the prosaic becomes infinitely complex and appreciation worthy, the air, mysterious. It makes being aware of what you'd rather ignore changeable instead of painful. 

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