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Jul 01, 2019 23:48:27

Nostalgia On The Green Line

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"Hey Rose."
"Hey Luke."
"You, look good."
"Is everything okay, you good?"
"Yeah, I'm fine."
"Are you just saying that?"
"No, why would I?"
"Because, you know, keeping up appearances."
"Why would I need, or care, to impress you with appearances?"
"You don't...you don't. Guess I misspoke."
"I saw Carlos the other day, he asked about you."
"Oh yeah? How's he doing?"
"He's good, you know, working at the shop. Still with Rebecca."
"Good for them, they made a good team..."
"Still do."
"Yeah, good."
"I told him you changed jobs and moved out to the suburbs, he said Rebecca was surprised you don't call."
"What? Really? She didn't even like me."
"She's just quiet. That's just how she is. Don't take it personally."
"Yeah, well, whatever. I got nothing to say to her to be honest."
"I know what you mean...but, you know, we spent a lot of time with them."
"Lucky for me, I don't have to anymore."
"Oh, come on, it wasn't that bad."
"I've moved on, Luke. That's just not my life anymore. Porch beers and grilling burgers."
"What, you're too fancy for regular socializing now?"
"I socialize!"
"With some stuck up office drones at a fancy bar for after work cocktails. I mean, if you call that socializing."
"Yeah, I do, actually. And why do you even care?"
"Because it's not the you that I know."
"Right, so you changed overnight or you put on that down-ass chick facade the entire time?"
"I put on whatever suits me, Luke. That's why I'm happy now."
"Yeah with your fake friends and fancy ass twenty dollar cocktails."
"Excuse me, you don't even know them, and it's not for you to comment on."
"So what's it like, huh, you get the cock, they get the tail?"
"Ughh! Really? Grow up, Luke. It's not all about sex. It really isn't."
"Yeah, that's why you went off with Gerald on a business trip and 'couldn't take the relationship anymore' right after?"
"I'm sorry it seems that way. It was a lot of things. We weren't going anywhere. Our lives are just different."
"Everybody's lives are different, Rose!" 
"Look, Rose, we're all different. You don't just throw six years down the drain because of differences!"
"'Irreconcilable differences' are a thing, you know."
"We weren't married!"

The train rumbles to a halt. Rose still had several stops to go. The doors open and she steps out onto the platform. Luke watches her go for the second, and final, time. 

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