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Apr 21, 2019 20:22:11

nocoding in Coda

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It's funny to play around Coda. I keep improving my 10idea/per day doc and doing small accomplishments every day. Even though it's just for me. I plan to organize in Coda everything. Have some To-do list there, Calendar and just organize unorganizable (I mean my life) but step by step. First I try to finish this idea feature thing it happens to be a bigger struggle than I expected. You should think twice about the process before you start putting data inside I am already half way through but I would definitely make some improvement if I would start now. But it's already too late cuz I am lazy to make changes.

I try to add 10 days every day so I should finish in 6 days to write down all my ideas which are already written in my paper notebook.  While I am adding the ideas I can finally see what is there I never read through it since I started this habit. So it's interesting to look inside and see some similarities. Actually not the ideas itself cuz they are mostly really stupid and often are similar to each other. I need to add some filter which would connect similar topics together and built one idea around these ideas. I think this would be very helpful.


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