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May 11, 2019 15:18:42

no streak talk, just "little bothers"...

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Today it was supposed to be about my streak(z), all 6 of them, yet... seems like bloody emotions hijacked the post...

Today I walked quite far from the little hallway to "the beyond", where I have been spending some time now and then over the last few days.

Today I locked myself out of there, got stuck in the dirty, sticky trap of my emotions, stupid behaviours, ridiculous reactions to the "little bothers", which suddenly don't seem so little any more.

And yet them, "bothers", are just the external triggers... Just bloody triggers and nothing more, unfortunately... Neutral in their quality, these events, "little" or "big", pushing, just a bit, or really hard, these buttons of ours. Buttons planted long time ago, by the ones close to us, who were trapped in their emotions, stupid behaviours, ridiculous reactions to their "little bothers". And who didn't know any better.

Just as we, now, so often, don't know any better...  as... we keep struggling... Mostly with ourselves. And with reflections of ourselves which we see in others. How conveniently. These Annoying People!!! Mirrors of our faults...

Today I looked into a HUGE mirror and... I really didn't bloody like what I saw!

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    What are some of the external triggers?

    Abe avatar Abe | May 11, 2019 15:22:42
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