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Apr 24, 2019 22:00:39

no pressure

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Good good good no pressure in here. Another day in the world past. I would like to say something amazing happened. Unfortunately, it was quite a normal day so far. Or maybe If I count that I woke up walked to work and back home and what is most important I survived. I can say it is amazing and a big success. You know you have to be happy about small things. 

I am happy I can write my 200 words a day again ... maybe extended the streak I am not at the end of this post so I cannot say for sure yet. Hopefully.

I am happy I can write down another 10 stupid ideas.

I am happy I could exercise my Spanish on Duolingo. Como estas?

I am happy I could eat delicious sushi for dinner.

I am happy I can sleep with a clear mind.

Let's see some other soccer game. Drink some beer and enjoy the rest of the night.

What a nice ending of a beatiful day. I could make it until the bed.

.... I am gonna read a book for a while and it just couldn't be better.

And I fulfill today's quota hooray. :)

Good night:)


Stay with me. Efran.

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