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Dec 14, 2018 22:42:13

No Failed Project Is Wasted

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Keenen Charles

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One recurring concern I usually get while in the midst of coding some project is what if this all is a waste. All this time spent building features for this project and it might just all be for nought.

What I've learned over the years and remind myself often is that everything I build even if I never launch it can be useful in the future.

A couple years ago I started excitedly building a Youtube-based web app. I eventually abandoned it and it sat somewhere online for a long time. Then a year later I was ready to build a new web-based project and remembered it existed. A completed API and database setup that with a few tweaks became the backbone of my new project.

Now I'm expanding on that project's code for my next and it makes things so much easier having something to start from. I changed a few strings, added some new models, and I had a backend for my new project ready to go.

While I'm building an entirely new frontend for the first time I had that nagging thought of "is this all a waste?". I just remind myself now, even if this project is unsuccessful every feature I build can serve as the base for my next idea and help me get from zero to somewhere even quicker.

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