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Apr 13, 2019 07:47:51

Next Step for Hookeepr

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Three days ago I was talking about putting Hookeepr back to my design board, thinking what's next for this project and how can I diff it with big players like Zapier and Integromat.

I even think about branching the core feature from receive webhook to polling API, so that I can use it for 200wad integration fast. I spend the past three days, working out some API polling features, but the more I work on it, the more I feel this complex the whole product. A product should be niche and focus in the initial phase, branching out to too many core features will affect the product direction, and as a solo indie maker, my development resources are limited, I should focus on a niche and work on it double.

So I keep the new changes I do for the past few days on a separate branch, revert the Hookeepr base to webhook focus. The separate branch will be the base for 200wad integration, and I split that out again.

Hookeepr will still be rebranding. I think the name not suitable and there are feedbacks like saying they thought are "hooker", so I have brainstormed a new name as well.

So Hookeepr will get a new name and launch the mega 2.0 next week. After that I need to build a WordPress plugin for my own need, then will be a web app that integrates with 200wad. These are what I am going to work on it and hopefully get it done this month, at least the 200wad integration should be up for beta testing by the end of this month.

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