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Jun 26, 2019 10:44:14

new blog post

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Haven't realized that if I move the video to Monday. I gonna get pretty tight with my blog post schedule. It's a hassle haha.

Anyway, somehow I could make it and write some post. Yesterday I was in some deep thoughts mode. Cuz even yesterday's my post here (written under the pressure of The Most Dangerous Writing App) and my new blog post was kinda motivational or something like that. I don't like if someone telling me what to do so better giving the advice by myself hahaha. I am just kidding. I am not gonna do it regularly, I promise.

My new blog post is here: Post number 15 in 2019

The main point of the post is that I have already written more posts than the last year. I get back on track with writing and what is more important I can enjoy it. I felt it's important to write about it (at least for me). Cuz it's gonna motivate me to keep going and be consistent. 

Actually, I wanna add one more post every month to show the stats and numbers and goals so I am planning to write even more. What a change :).

Take care.


Stay with me. Efran.

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