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Dec 23, 2018 15:35:36

Need "Me Time"

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I post about how I Miss Gaming last night and getting quite a few comments, it seems nowadays as a working adult with family commitment, we really have too little time for ourselves without guilt.

How often you feel guilty if you have some me time? and your little me time have to split in between things like gaming, Netflix, reading, social media etc, all these are just entertainment related, what about self-improvement? career improvement? personal hobby?

It always about gives and takes, I give out gaming so that I can spend more time building my product, I miss some of the Netflix show, so that can play with the framework more often so that I can build things faster. You might feel satisfied when your product launch or getting overwhelming feedback, but when you failed? or didn't get much positive feedback, you might just think am I wasted my "me time" for nothing?

So try to strike a balance which is difficult for sure, for me, I going to be busy from now until the next 2 month, which explains why I try to find some "me time" to relax now, rather than put in all me time in learning and building product. This help to avoids getting burned down by all the work, which is why I just bought a few games from Steam last night and trying to enjoy.

Hooray for "me time", hooray for the guilt-free "me time".

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    @knight I completely agree "me time" is very important and should never be associated with guilt.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Dec 23, 2018 15:42:20
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