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Apr 02, 2019 22:08:11

Natural interfaces

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First interfaces, when displays allowed it, started trying to look real and 3D while still being drawn on the flat screen. We moved from skeuomorphism to surrealism: flat and material design — the perfected versions of the flat world. We started using meaningless fancy gradients that appeal to the eye because somewhere deep in our subconscious they resemble the sky. We started using geometric forms that are roughened on purpose to look more natural.

Interfaces can look beautiful yet artificial. There is something in nature that screens and even VR cannot replace. 

Let's define some characteristics that make real nature different from “realistic” interfaces:

Motion: nature is always in motion. Clouds float across the sky, ants run on the ground, the grass and water are set in motion by wind. 

Not discrete: nature lives in every single moment, it is not measured in minutes, seconds, pixels, or any other discrete dimensions. 

Tactile: you can feel the slight breeze of wind with invisible hair on your hands. 

Do we need to make computers more natural? Or should we make ourselves more technological? Humans are unique creatures, because we not only adapt to the surroundings, but we also change the environment as we need. We already somewhat adapted to using plain machine interfaces, it's time to go to the next level.

What if we could change them to fit our needs?

At the moment computer interfaces are closed inside the box called display. We also use some physical controls like keyboard and mouse to interact with them. Not so long ago people invented a touchscreen: a revolutionary invention that allows us to interact with the interface directly, without the use of a mouse. You press a button with a finger, and it does something — you interact with it. 

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