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Jan 23, 2019 16:25:08

My Telegram Wish List

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The only time I feel excited to open Playstore is if there is an update for Telegram or the rest of my crypto-related apps such as Brave browser. Little did I know that today calls for a celebration.

When I opened Playstore, I got notified that Telegram has some latest app updates. Like an ever alertful cat ready to take a bite of your own food, I updated my Telegram app at once.

Prior to this, I was already filled with ecstacy (no, I'm not overreacting) when I saw Durov posted on his Telegram channel how 2019 will be the year of when new features requested by users will be granted.

Telegram's Latest Updates

Now, when you delete a chat, you're given 5 seconds wait time before it will be deleted. The purpose of this is to give you 5 seconds to still undo your decision in case it is a case of accidental deletion.

Group admins can now restrict members on what they can or can't do in the group. This is fantastic counter-attack to those gif-spammers and scammers who keep posting irrelevant links.

Furthermore, you can now sort your contacts according to last seen or name.

My Telegram Feature Request

Dear Durov, this 2019, I want to have these features on Telegram, if not all, at least most of it *grins*

  • Create separate tabs for channels/groups/bots so they don't mess with our personal chats (friends/family/partner)
  • Ability to post video stories
  • Video call feature
  • Pin message on channel
  • Built-in crypto wallet, but we control our private key
  • Customize text with big font size
  • Slack-like work/team features (though not necessary but would be very helpful, so we can just use Telegram for personal and work purposes)
  • Social media icons on bio


  • Send messages offline (would it be possible?)

I hope that the next time another notification pops up on Playstore, one of my feature-wish has been granted.

This post will also get updated when I remember other features I'd like Telegram to have.

What about you? Do you have a feature request? Let me know.


Yaki writes and makes artworks about anything that interests her. She's one of those people who think that the second law of thermodynamics is a bit depressing, although she claims to be contributing to entropy since birth. She likes hunting and playing around with not-yet-mainstream, privacy-oriented apps. On her spare time, she likes laying down and consuming non-fiction books.

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