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May 04, 2019 19:03:38

My small successes (with a lot of mistakes)

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I didn't find time to write my 200 words again. So, today I want to tell you some news that happened to me today.

1. I got my revenue, it's not big, but I go to my goal with small steps! My goal for this month β€” 10 000 rubles. It's little money, but you need to start with something small if you are on zero level.

2. I cooked Birthday Cake (recipe by Christina Tossi) for my brother's birthday. He will be 14 years old tomorrow. It seems that it's a very tasty cake. There is a combination of sweet cream and salty crumb!

3. I notice that when you go to the goal, you start to see a lot of abilities on how to achieve this goal. Our world have a lot of abilities.

4. Today I wanted to read a book in English listening to the book. So, I could listen and read. I wanted to do it when I was with my family in a car, but I forgot to download the audio book.

5. A few days ago, I published my experiment with AI, mood and design. I am really glad to see people who love what I did. This experiment even inspired one human to write an article about a topic of emotion in design. 


I see a lot of mistakes on my writing today, but I can't improve them because it's 0:01 and I have a lot of things that I have to do. 

Also, I wante to write more, but I will do it in the next.

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