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Dec 05, 2018 10:10:39

My Reply to Basile Samel's 200wordsaday

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Gene Lim

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@basilesamel, I use 200wordsaday.com not because if it will become the "Idea Twitter", an "Anti-Twitter", or the "next Medium". To me, it doesn't matter what it becomes because I believe in the creator, I believe in you and I believe that you will take us on this quality journey together.

I have been writing for almost 2 weeks including the day I lose my streaks and 200wordsaday.com has allowed me to be more responsible, to be always on time, to write well, to also read what others have written and also to be a maker by writing. These are all rewards that 200wordsaday.com has given to every writers.

Another great reward by using 200wordsaday.com is that it is also like a diary to me where memories are kept. I will be force to write daily because of the day-streak system. Which is one of the best gamification feature added to this platform.

In a year time I would love to go back to the start of this platform and read what I have written within the whole year. So if ever I missed ONE day of writing, I will not only lose my streaks but also indirectly losing part of my memory for that day. 

So thank you @basilesamel for creating 200wordsaday.com.

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    KP avatar KP | Dec 27, 2018 05:42:53
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    @wernminlim as I told you on Twitter, you will love what's coming next. Thank you for the support from the start.

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Dec 05, 2018 10:42:22
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