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Jan 22, 2019 23:26:11

My Partially Successful Experience with the 200 Words a Day API

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Nick Simard

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UPDATE: I now have a fully functional dev app that can get new posts, create posts and update posts. Tomorrow I'll try adding more fields than just title, content and status. Categories will be what I tackle next.


I saw in the 200WAD Slack channel that an early version of the API was created, so today I decided to play around in Zapier to see if I could build a simple dev app to trigger when I create new posts and also allow me to create new posts.

What Worked

I managed to create a dev app using our web builder. I was only able to get the trigger working, but it's functional. I can create a post, but I haven't managed to get the title or content to show up. 

I succeeded in creating a post that has the title and content by using the Webhooks app on Zapier. It's not perfect, but if I wanted to just use this for myself it would do just fine.

We also have a new app builder in beta and though I was able to pull posts in during the testing, when I try it in a Zap I get an error. 

What Didn't Work

The app I built in the web builder can't add a title or content to posts. So it's pretty useless.

Using our newest app builder, neither the trigger or action work when I use it in a Zap. I can test it just fine as I'm building it, but "in the wild" it's not quite working as I'd like it to.

Next Steps

Tomorrow I'm going to check with some people on my team who are better versed in creating dev apps and hopefully they can straighten me out.

If I manage to get a working integration, for pulling and creating posts, I might share the invite-only app so others who use Zapier can try it out.

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    @nicksimard This is the first I have heard about Zapier. For which tasks do you find it useful?

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jan 23, 2019 16:29:10
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      @brandonwilson Well, I work FOR Zapier...so ALL the tasks haha. Seriously, though, you can find inspiration here: https://zapier.com/learn/automate-apps-examples/. If you've ever thought "I wish I could get data from this app to that app" then there's a good chance Zapier can help :)

      Nick Simard avatar Nick Simard | Jan 23, 2019 09:57:55
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      @nicksimard @brandonwilson zapier is a great tool, is the treasure for nocode maker and lazy developer :P

      Knight avatar Knight | Jan 25, 2019 23:11:55
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    @nicksimard That would be awesome.

    Mark Armstrong avatar Mark Armstrong | Jan 23, 2019 14:09:57
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