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Mar 05, 2019 21:37:41

My Latest Vacation

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One of my latest vacations is visited Bintan Club Med last year September. This is my first time to Club Med and I really have high expectation on it. Before we make the booking, we are struggling between Club Med Cherating and Club Med Bintan. The final choice is Club Med Bintan because it's nearer, shorter travel and understand they just renovated, the room and facility is newer.

My brother and my family totally all 4 adults and 4 kids on this trip. We took a ferry first to Bintan first then transfer by the bus, reach our destination after a few hours of travel.

We love the place, although we don't really join much of the activities there, the big kid enjoy the kid clubs and we just relax there. Every time going to the restaurant and all sort of foods are waiting for us there. Before you feel hungry and the next meal times are coming. Don't forget that all kind of drinks & cocktail that you can order at the bar.

Compare to a normal hotel, you are paying more for club med, but don't forget that price includes foods, drinks, activities and entertainments at night. The best part is you can leave the kids at the kid club and enjoy a little me time there.

I looking forward to the next Club Med trip soon and most likely we going to the Cherating.

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