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Jan 07, 2019 21:44:10

My journey to find the perfect productivity tool

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It's a new year and I realised this is a good time to replace using some of my apps. I would propose this as a new years resolution, but actually, you better just do it now. Start the year fresh with some juicy apps (man that sounds stupid).

I've been using Evernote for years and it contains loads of notes. I call it my brain-dump and it's been a braindump of almost 5 years. It has become a database I refer to. But Evernote is limited. You can only go 1 level deep and sort notes with notebooks. 

Then I discovered Workflowy. It's a brilliant app. You can go as many levels deep as you want and create sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-item. But it's also limited in its use. I couldn't schedule tasks. 

So today I started my journey into project management and tasks apps. While looking I realised I need to log my hours more consistently. My accountant's been complaining ;) I remembered using Toggl. It's a great app and is a great way to log time... If you actually start and stop it. Last time I couldn't create the habit of doing so. I looked at integrations as well, because in Toggl I'm not able to add tasks easily per project and schedule them. I found a nice integration with Todoist. 

This would mean I would need multiple apps because Todoist isn't a place I want to store my huge brain-dump in, nor could it go multiple levels deeps like Workflowy.

I looked into other apps such as Trello (needs loads of plugins and paid ones too), RemembertheMilk (no time logger nor integrations), I posted on Reddit and Screenhole and got more recommendations but... alas.

All apps lacked something

Until I suddenly thought of the powerhouse notion.so. The reason I didn't pursue using it was for the same reason, I thought all its features were an overkill. 

I googled if it had timer integrations and yes! Clockify.me, which is super similar to Toggl, seems to support it. Then I looked up a few videos of examples and howto's on notion and man.. IT IS POWERFUL.

Now I just need to create a new habit of starting and stopping this damn timer. But I'm also realising that maybe I rather need to create a good habit of writing it down every day and through the day. That might be easier.

Man.. so much time spend on this research. That was another day in the life of Lowen.

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    @flowen Thanks for sharing :)

    I just posted something around productivity too, and I also have not been able to find the perfect productivity tool. I dove into Workflowy quite deeply years ago, and in theory, I like it but I don't stick with it, unfortunately. Notion.so SEEMS like it should be something I enjoy, but something about it bothers me. Maybe I should give it another go to see if I can learn to work with it.

    The thing I've been using lately is Milanote, and it's been pretty good. My problem is I get all excited and build systems and workflows but then don't stick with them. I love Airtable, and if they made tasks/todos easier to have sub-items I might very well use that for just about everything. So far it's not great for tasks, especially when trying to collaborate with clients who want something as simple to use as possible.

    EDIT: TaskPaper is pretty neat too :)

    Nick Simard avatar Nick Simard | Jan 07, 2019 22:19:49
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      @nicksimard hey nick! Thanks for sharing your experience. I think the most important thing is to create the habit and stick with it. You'll become faster and more diligent over the process of using it. Close those eyes, because all these shiny tools make your eyes greedy, protect yourself from all the marketing and work on yourself instead. I worked with evernote for years for example. But now it's time I need more options and a more powerful tool.

      lowen flowen avatar lowen flowen | Jan 08, 2019 10:51:25
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      @flowen Yup, it's true! After reading your post I gave Notion another look, and you know...maybe I don't hate it. I'm gonna see if I can make use of it. It does have some neat features, and it costs a little less than Milanote.

      Nick Simard avatar Nick Simard | Jan 08, 2019 23:38:53
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    @flowen Also just discovered Workflowy! It's awesome although it can be bit of a mess to look at sometimes. I wish there was a feature to use it as a writing tool without it creating "point indentation". I need to look at research more about notion but looks really great :)

    Deam avatar Deam | Jan 07, 2019 21:48:58
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      @deam agreed! I used another writing tool, for laying out my book: WriteMapper.

      lowen flowen avatar lowen flowen | Jan 08, 2019 11:16:38
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