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May 03, 2019 16:26:21

My head want to die, it feels like a explosion of the light that I saw year ago.

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Last two days I forgot about my main rule β€” have breaks and activities outside computer or phone. Well, I was a very bad girl and my body is punishing me not pleasurable. 

All this day and yesterday evening my head hurts. It hurts so much, so I even almost can't spend my time near computer and phone.

Rest β€” is a very important thing. DON'T FORGET ABOUT YOUR MENTAL HEALTH.

Why do people usually care about physical health, but don't care about mental? Why don't people work on yourself to get rid of stress? Why do they continue work if they feel very very bad? 

Why do usually people initialize yourself only with work? Why do "work all day without rest even at night" culture appeared? 

I think that this culture dies, because I see the trend of mental health.

I walked today. I thought that it would help me, but not. 

But, I felt only for one time good, when I was on the street alone without cars, people, the shadow hided me from the sun, the wind made me feel good. It was amazing feeling.

I am very happy when I don't spend a lot of time on computer, but it's a very inherent a part of my work and study process.

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