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Feb 11, 2019 06:19:04

My First Script

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i had dreamy about a short film when i was in college. No one knows that what is short film in 1998. They heard about that in USA and out of our country lot of short films were created and released. At that time, i was starting to script for my short film SHED... I don't have a camera, but i thought to borrow from my foreign return friend. Shed is about a bird and the last tree of the destroyed forest. 

SCENE ONE - Focus one huge tree; A bird sits there and seems to be sad. (Human noises come towards the birds, but no men). The bird hears and shook it's head here and there. 

SCENE TWO- Camera?! moves to the bald tree which is located near the huge tree. (Human voices raise). The bald tree has only one leaf on the top of it's branch. The tree moves in the hot wind. All the trees were cut in the surrounding areas. 

SCENE THREE - Camera(?) jump to the sky and we can hear the sound of cutting wood. The huge tree fell down with a strange sound. The bird fly from there with helpless and came to sit on the bald tree. 

SCENE FOUR - When the bird was sat there, the last leaf sheds and swings in air. THE SHED END. 

Actually the title is suitable and the scenes are poetic, but owing circumstances, i cannot shoot this film. The story is still in my mind. How it is?

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