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Apr 29, 2019 18:12:20

My fear number 1

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I remember one topic of the week on 200 words a day β€” "My the big fear". Oh, no the name was "My fear number 1". I thought that I didn't have strong fears, because I didn't meet them for a long time. And... today I realized again that my fear number one is the visiting dentist (for the current moment, of course).

Maybe, you would ask me, "Hey, it's not fearfully, it's not painfully, you shouldn't be afraid." And your question would be irrelevant if you would know that I didn't be afraid of dentists some times ago (two years ago).

I have the reason for my fear, I can't recall the situation when I was in the dentist's office last time.

I had (and have) two teeth with caries. I went to the dentist, everything was okay. I was worry a bit like other people feel worried before the teeth doctor. The doctor seemed nice, it was a young woman, she asked me about anesthesia. I decided to use anesthesia, she prepared my mouth and started to do an injection... and...

I felt how something clink in my head, then I began to choke, my face became red (the doctor said). I didn't hear what she asked me and my eyes were blurred. But I didn't lose consciousness, because doctors made me lay and made ears massage. I became a bit better because I could breathe.

The best moment: she wanted to continue to treat my teeth. Her assistant said that they needed to measure my blood pressure. Then the assistant searched for a tonometer in the hospital... The tonometer in their office (room) didn't work...

The tonometer showed that I had 150/100. I wonder what is the numbers when I couldn't breath?

Then they asked me to call my mom, she needed to come and bring me home. It was a big surprise for her birthday, hah. She came, bring me home, then I lied on the bed, my family was around me. Then I could eat and do other interesting things.

At night, the situation with high blood pressure and choking repeated. I asked to call for medical care.

The doctor that came smelled cigarettes. He viewed me, gave a pill, and said what to do.

Then I went to other doctors. For the first week, it was scary to be on the streets and talk to people. Every loud noise hurt me. 

So, this visiting doctor made my mental health imbalanced, then I got other stresses and I was sick for 4-5 months. 


I recalled this when I decided to search for a good dentist hospital. I found some new techniques of caries treatment, for example, treatment using a laser. I want to treat my caries with a laser. In the future. For now, I just need to earn some money and find really good hospital.

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    @monolesan Yikes I don't blame you for having a fear of the dentist after that experience.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Apr 29, 2019 07:50:32
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