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Mar 21, 2019 22:01:42

My favorite way of eating eggs

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This is 2nd post under the same theme "my favorite way of eating XX" (yesterday I wrote about Avocado.) Today I write about an egg which we eat almost everyday.


I love a egg pudding or flan, especially the one in which I can taste egg york. I have so much passion that I already cooked pudding 5 times within last 3 moths and tried to master it without looking at the recipe. 3 eggs (or 2 eggs with 1 egg york to boost egg york flavor), 50 gram of sugar, vanilla essence, 200ml of milk. Voila, I can recall and jot down here without the recipe ;) One of the important tips is to use very fine filter to make its texture smooth multiple times. 

Raw egg

In US, I never tried to eat raw eggs but I used to eat egg as raw for Sukiyaki, which is a very popular Japanese dish using a pot. The ingredients are paper-thin beef, green onions, tofu with a bit sweet soy sauce based soup. After taking these cooked ingredients from the pod, we soaked them into a scrambled raw egg and eat them together.

When I cook sunny side up, I also make sure not to overcook the york and leave egg york as raw. 


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