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Apr 27, 2019 18:40:48

My eBook Story

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Seun Oyebode

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When I replied a friend who asked me questions on what do next after leaving school and completing her national service year, I realized my answers could also be of help to many in similar situations. Then I further noticed the things i wrote to her were scattered in my 200WAD accounts as daily posts. 

I thought to organize it.

The eBook is about the fundamentals of Career, Productivity and Wealth. I think of it like a handbook starting out in any of those three critical aspects of life.

I have been able to organize all the articles together (completed that through the night). 5977 words and 30 pages, so far. What's left is editing.

The Plan

The book will be self-published and will "grow with me", that means it would have updates at intervals. It will be hosted on a website where the user can read online ( + dark mode haha) or download. It's the kind of book I wish I had when I graduated from university.

To avoid delay which could lead to its death. As soon as I'm done editing, I will put the book on Gumroad for sale while I build its website. Hopefully that would extend my streams of income like @brandonwilson suggested here. It's a long game.

What I found this week is

"Sometimes, good authors are just very good curators."

Every of my post from tomorrow will include what I did on the book per day (public accountability).

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    :) Excited to watch this ebook get planted, grow, and blossom.

    Sir Abe avatar Sir Abe | Apr 28, 2019 17:09:09
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      @abrahamKim Thank you.

      Seun Oyebode avatar Seun Oyebode | Apr 28, 2019 19:35:09
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    @seunoyebode I like the topic! If you would like another set of eyes to take a look at the book, I would be happy to do so.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Apr 27, 2019 11:21:10
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      @brandonwilson Boom!!!, will let you know when I'm done editing. Thank you.

      Seun Oyebode avatar Seun Oyebode | Apr 27, 2019 19:29:27
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      @seunoyebode @brandonwilson +1. I would like to be an editor in chiefesssssss. :)

      I like your plan 'Seun. This is good realistic planning and execution.
      Send me updates as you proceed with this.

      Keni avatar Keni | Apr 27, 2019 20:05:53
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      @brandonwilson @keni of course!!!!!

      Seun Oyebode avatar Seun Oyebode | Apr 28, 2019 19:35:37
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