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Jun 16, 2019 07:41:07

My dream

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I was back to school, nothing changed here. The same hall, the same class and people. But my appearing was unexpected as always — I didn't go to school for a long time. Everyone was surprised.

To be honest, I was surprised too, because I thought I graduated from the school. Did everything what happened to me after graduating wasn't true? It was scary moment, because it meant that I am not I am.

My classmates was preparing homework for English lessons, they as always didn't do it at home. Me too. But unlike them, I was self confident. I knew that I was good in English, I could improvise fluency. 

The homework was to draw a picture and describe it. 

I love to draw and I decided to use my existing picture. My picture was the best and I believed that my English speech will be very good.

One of my classmates asked my another classmate "How can I say 'hot chicken' in English (he said it in Russian)". Classmate's answer was "А Б В Г Д Е Ё" (the beginning of the Russian alphabet).

I wanted to drink, because I got a good habit to always drink water instead of tea. There was a new teapot, but the water was dirty with dry old plants.

Также, один мальчик не знал куда поступить после школы. У него было два варианта, когда классная руководительница услышала об этом, она сказала, что у него проблема: он не знает чего.хочет.

А я лишь дала совет: пробуй все, что интересно.

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