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Jul 10, 2019 12:00:06

My draft by @vivek21

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Feb 17, 2019 07:15:29 @vivek21

"Gratefulness makes our life (...) a greate place to live"

Things that I am gratful for:

First of all let me grateful for this application in which I can start practice writing. Gratefulness makes our life and this place whereever we are a greate place to live. The essence of gratefulness is absence of ego. Absence of "I", "my"ness. As long as when we take credit for the actions or happenings, we never feel grateful. Take for example, you won a speech contest. There are couple of ways to take it up.

1. I won due to my talent.

2. I won to due to the help of my family, mentors, encouragement from my friends, help from many people in prepartion of the content, time I had for practice, people who gave tips to improvise my speech..

First one is "I" ness - no gratefullness. The second one is full of gratefullness and extends Love and happiness to everyone around us.

Gratefullness makes us humble. Humbleness is what makes as human. Hence, to sum up if, you claim you are a human, be grateful. If you think how to be grateful, just shed your ego and claim no responsibilty for all your actions and acheivements.

Be grateful to feel the greatness of Life.

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