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Dec 09, 2018 08:46:04

My draft

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Ra'anan Elozory

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I've procrastinated doing my 2017 taxes until the pressure is up to my neck! Yeah, it's December again and we have a vacation now so I have a good chance to get ahead of the game TODAY! Digitalization is supposed to be good at helping me get my expenses in front of me so that I can find all of my deductible expenses, but getting on my credit card sites and actually downloading those sheets is another story. They make me call number after number and because I'm so afraid someone will break into my credit card sites, I encode the login information so well that I can never understand it myself and I have to start all over again!!! I DREAD IT! But now, I'm going to bite the bullet because the day is still young. This time I want to write all in login info on a Word document and PRINT IT OUT so it will no longer be on my computer. It's also an opportunity to compare credit card points and hopefully move everything from three separate cards to just one! I want SIMPLICITY! As in the immortal words of my daughter whenever I'd give her a lot of big chores to do, "1, 2, 3...GO!"

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    @raananelozory great first step! I personally find a combo of Google Keep, Evernote, and a password manager (LastPass) incredibly useful for managing my finances (receipts, invoices, spreadsheets, etc.). Good luck!

    Victoria Maung avatar Victoria Maung | Dec 09, 2018 18:05:45
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