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Jul 10, 2019 22:53:05

My Draft

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Gabriel Greco

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He settles in to write. 

There is a glass of water on the desk next to his laptop. In his glasses the display reflects the same image twice; a bright, empty screen. His canvas. The moment fills him with dread and a minor bout of panic threatens to overcome him. He feels it like a weight in the stomach, a living weight. It grows and swells within like one of Ripley's aliens. 

If only the writing came out of him the same way. If only it could swell until it burst out shrieking his thoughts onto that blank fuckin' screen. Angry, present, all-encompassing. Alive!  But he's got nothing. He lets out a slow, low fart. The bloatedness goes down some. The panic, too, subsides. It's all in the fuckin' gut, he thinks. He sips from the glass, feeling the water trickle down his gullet and spill --no, purl-- onto the walls of his stomach. 

He takes a deep breath and exhales slowly as he brings his wrists to rest on the laptop's hard plastic. His spindling fingers hover over the keys. He waggles them the way an athlete might shake his legs before a race, clenches them into tights fists then stretches them out as long as they go, holding them in position, taut, before relaxing them onto the keys with the ease of a lover's caress. 

Although he has waited, it is clear the muse is busy elsewhere and won't be visiting today. No matter, he's still got at least two hundred words to go.  

He settles in to write.

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    @gabrielgreco LOVE IT!!!
    "He lets out a slow, low fart"... yea, of course, THIS is my favourite moment... LIL
    It's also wonderful metaphorically - thought farts. I'm afraid, I fart my posts too often, recently in the privacy of hidden Words.

    Lucjah avatar Lucjah | Jul 10, 2019 23:48:41
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