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Jun 29, 2019 18:29:53

My draft

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Philipp Haidenbauer

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Yesterday I hosted a small barbeque for my co-workers to celebrate my birthday (which was more than a month ago). It worked out pretty good, everybody drank a few beers and we have been sitting on the terrace of my parent's house.

I quickly oversaw the time and I had to make a small Lore Ipsum post here on 200 WAD. It bothers me that I had to do so, but I was the only possible thing I could quickly come up with.

Today is a little bit different again, I drove to Graz again to collect my washing machine, and to my luck, it was there. Well, they called me on Thursday that I can come and collect it, but the last time that didn't work out quite well.

After that, I went on a small shopping trip with my mother to look for some new shirts. I bought a couple, she bought new shoes and we drove home again.

A few minutes later I packed my stuff (as I was sleeping at my parent's house last night) and drove back home. Now I am sitting in my kitchen and wait for the day to come to an end.

I thought I could take a ride on the motorcycle, but the sun is merciless burning down and I don't want to burn alive when wearing the leather. Maybe it is time for some television. Read you tomorrow!

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