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Apr 08, 2019 23:04:49

My draft

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Swizec Teller

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Cross copy from 750words

Okay so here we are I am warming up my brain and it's already getting pretty late in the day and Morgane and bird are making a lot of noise and being disruptive as I try to focus and get writing done and be productive and all of that and it's really rather silly adn annoying.

BUt the night was a nice littel sleep and we slept a long time and itw as grea tan dawesomea dn I woke up realtivelya early adn then started thinking adn awritinga nd all fo that and itw as nic eand well I didn't reallys tartw riting right away. If irst laid in bed and I kept thinkigna dn prondering and kidn of construcitng wht I'mg iong tow rit ein my midna nd that was lovelay dand great and i twa susper productive I bleieve and it helped a whole lto and that was usefuvla dn great and super lovely.

SO I didi that and itw as grea tna dhten I did some otehr stuf fand that was lovelay too and for osme reason I'ms till nto feeling haungry at alla nd I think ia te way to omcuht his woeekend and itw as just to omuch food and a lto of food and all fo htat so that was rather sillya dns uper stragne but itw as stuff tha thappene dna dnow here we are. My tea is reayd so I'm goign got go pick it upa dn tehyn iwi ll do writing of hte articl ean dpublishgina dna ll fo that.

Yeah somethign liekt hat. Let's go get my food.

Well I mean not my food. I mean my tea and it is lovelya dn now here it is and it's warm and I'm still kidn of feleing my thorat and htat' snot a good thign at alla nd I'mf eelign my thorat and I think i'm getting sick a ltitle bit or osmethign liek that and I'm nto a fan of that happenigna nd yet here we are and it's igong on and I will just have to deal with it and I will have to survive and make sure it happens and well no I will have ot make sure it doesn' thappen becua seitw oudl be terrible to get sick right now and I really dont' want to deal with that and I don't want ot get sick or antyingi liek that a t all.

But anyway I have a botu three hudnred more wrods to writ aen dI think ti's alreayd helpgnia dn I wshoudl really be better aobut doing this stuf fand getting it done and beign a friendly little hgost and stuff and I just have to write stuff and make it ahppeng na nd I have to make it good and writey and stuff and I need to make sure it's all ready adn lvoelya dn I have ot get thigns done and reayd and all of that so that's iogng to be nic ean dlovelya dn great and I will enjoy it a hwole lto and I willg o write right now and tha'ts iogng to be grea tnad i'st goign to be about the stuf fand the thigsn adn I think iw ill enjoy it and I will write aobut rmeark and stuff and that's giong to be really cool I thinka nd I will like it a whole lot.

Yeah something like that and I think its' giogn to be grea tna dlovelya dn suepr funa dn super great nad amazign and all that aoh and yeah I have to make sure the hwoel convertkit thing can be closed adn stuff and that I can write about it and that I cna close it and all tha tand it's giong to be lovelya dn great and all that as well. So I will have tow do that and its' gion to have to bve lovely let's writ ea postit for that.

ANd I think today in general I willg et alot of work done witht eh writing and the preparing of stuff and all thigns liek that. I'mf eeling less tired at least an dtha'ts grea t so I wil lhave to get tha treayd adn stuff and I iwll then have to go meet up with Miha Rebernik at hte equator coffee nearby adn that's giong ot be lovely and I iwll also do my mealrpeps and stuff fo rlunch. So yay that's goinna be great.

NOw let's go writ ean dstuff

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