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Feb 21, 2019 15:59:14

My draft

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Hannah Karanja

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Ok. I've made a decision and I'm sticking to it. From today henceforth, I'm going to write content that focuses on my passion - Customers. 

You see, so far, I've been struggling with what to write. Not because I don't like writing, but because I've been so random. Random about my content and random about when to write. And that explains why I sometimes feel demotivated.

But moving forward, I'll focus on my passion and my passion alone. That means that I'll be more deliberate about what I right. And I'll have a goal which is to improve on my writing so I can get stuff to write about on my blog.

Now that I have a goal, I've got lots of topics lined up. Like hundreds. 

I'll write these on here then go on to write full-length posts on my blog and who knows! Someday I might even get that book that I've been talking about published. I've got the title and the material. What remains is to organize it (the material) into something that makes sense. 

So starting tomorrow, I'll be more organized. I know I've said this before but this time, I really mean it. I've prayed about it and I feel that burning inside me. That burning that tells me that I am ready. I just need to start...

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