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Mar 20, 2019 01:35:56

My board members

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Victoria Maung

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As a kid who operates on the support of her parents somewhat, I know that I owe them obligations. As such, I like to think of myself as a company and of them as the board members.

I'm still the C-suite–my own CEO, COO, etc.–but the people that make the greatest contribution to the resources I need in my life make up the board of directors. My parents, for instance, are definitely board members. And appropriately, they are responsible for protecting my interests (I guess I'm also my own shareholder), such as my profitability and stability. But board members also get to meet with the company C-suite to review results, evaluate performance, and vote on important strategic moves, according to this Slate article.

Currently, my job security is contingent on the happiness of my board members, so I have every incentive to take into consideration their recommendations, working with them actively and, sometimes, closely.

But overall, I have a kind board of directors because they afford me considerable flexibility in running the company and operate to prioritize my success.

I've used this paradigm to think about how controlling I should let other people be in my life. I have many adults, ranging from mentors to well-intended misguiders, that have contributed to my growth as a person, both through time and money, and thinking of them as board members and shareholders with various stakes in the company helps me to prioritize their demands.

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